Warning: The body cam footage in the video above may be considered graphic to some.

BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) — The mother of a Pennsylvania man shot and killed by a New York State trooper in Buffalo last month is speechless over her son’s death.

The New York State Attorney General’s Office released body cam video of the shooting on Wednesday.

Now, the mother of James Huber, Loraine Huber tells News 4 by phone that she remains in shock after the death of her son. Loraine Huber did not want to do an interview, as she awaits the results of the investigation.

Within minutes, state trooper Anthony Nigro goes from chasing Huber on the 90 then to the 190, then coming face-to-face with him near Lafayette Square in Buffalo.

Nigro demands Huber stop, but he refuses and appears to try to go in reverse — that’s when he’s shot. He then crashed on a nearby parking ramp as Nigro reported shots fired.

Legal experts say there are two key questions in this investigation — what was Trooper Nigro’s state of mind and was deadly force necessary? John Elmore is an attorney and a former state trooper.

“The body cam is only a small piece of what happened there, it was very difficult to know what was in the trooper’s state of mind,” Elmore said.

Elmore does have some criticism of Trooper Nigro’s tactics, putting his gun right up to Huber’s body.

“If you’re close to somebody, you would keep the gun close to your body to protect that person from grabbing it and taking a gun from you,” Elmore said.

The State Police Use of Force Policy says deadly force may be used to protect themselves or another person from an imminent threat of injury or death. There is a different threshold for a fleeing suspect that involves a warning when feasible.

“We do have to remember that the videotape is not the exact same perspective as the trooper would’ve had the videotape is being recorded from the trooper’s chest,” said legal analyst Barry Covert.

Still, Covert believes much of what we know now supports the trooper.

“I think that there’s a lot of arguments that the trooper has for why his use of deadly physical force was warranted, but that’s something that the Attorney General’s Office will have to make a determination upon,” Covert said.

The Attorney General’s Office says it released this video as a sign of transparency. State Police say Trooper Nigro is on active duty.

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