BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Following the release of videos Friday night from Memphis officials showing the fatal beating of 29-year-old Tyre Nichols by officers, local government leaders are speaking out about the footage.

Tonight, I watched the camera footage of the vicious attack that killed Tyre Nichols with members of the community in my office. It was extremely disturbing and inhumane. I condemn the actions of the individuals who brutally murdered an unarmed man. Violence like this has absolutely no place in our society.  We must support each other and work together to heal.  My heartfelt condolences go out to Tyre Nichols’ family and the entire Memphis community.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown

I concur with the Memphis Chief of Police that the actions of the five former officers were inhumane. As law enforcement officers and public servants, we are sworn to protect and serve our citizens. What occurred in Memphis was a gross abdication of this solemn duty. Great responsibility rests with law enforcement professionals to ensure strong and trustworthy relationships with the community. We cannot allow the actions of a few to erode these important relationships. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tyre Nichols’ family during this difficult time.

Erie County Sheriff John Garcia

I just watched the full Tyre Nichols video. Watching it is difficult because you know going in he will die as a result of the injuries he sustained at the hands of police.

There is no justification for the brutal beating he endured. He was not a threat to those officers; yet they kicked, punched, and beat him so viciously he died from his injuries.

My heart goes out to his family because he should be alive today. Those charged with his murder must be brought to justice and, as a country, we must find a way to create a better, safer law enforcement system that works for all.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz

Nichols was beaten during a traffic stop on January 7 and died from his injuries three days later. The five now-former Memphis Police officers were fired for misconduct, indicted by a grand jury and taken into custody.

Buffalo city officials and faith leaders gathered for a prayer vigil at City Hall on Friday night.

“As a parent, as a human being it was heartbreaking, overwhelming and disturbing,” Mayor Brown said at the vigil. “Swift action was taken to charge five individuals with this crime.”

Buffalo Common Council President Darius Pridgen spoke to area residents. He encourages peace as people continue to process what they saw in the videos.

“The family of Tyre has asked us all as a nation to be peaceful. They aren’t asking you not to feel anything, but not to tear up our own communities,” Council President Pridgen said.

Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia spoke to News 4 after the press conference. He said police officers do not train to cause harm. He called this a “lack of human decency”.

“It’s very shocking. The actions of, yet again, a couple more officers are having a significant impact on everything that is done to build police-community relations,” Commissioner Gramaglia said. “We have to work together and the only way to do that is… We are the community. We are part of the community. We come from within the community. If we are going to have an impact on crime we are going to have to do it together.”

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