Local postal workers say democracy and jobs are at risk if gutting of equipment, resources continues


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–U.S. Postal Service workers are standing with Congressman Brian Higgins today ahead of a critical vote in Washington.

Tomorrow, Congress will vote on the Delivering for America Bill.

Workers from several local postal service unions are saying two things are at risk if gutting of equipment and resources continues: democracy and jobs.

The nationwide issue hits here at home, where postal service employees, letter carries, and more worry about the through-put, or their ability to sort and deliver mail in a timely manner, and they say the reduction of equipment hurts their through-put.

Many do worry how this will affect voting in the upcoming election, and in the long-term future, they also worry about their jobs.

“People are paying to have mail delivered. So when they pay with their stamps, and it ends up here….deliberately not being delivered, that is a planned effort to obstruct the mail delivery system, and it’s corrupt, and it’s unfair. And again, this is all about an election,” Congressman Higgins said.

Frank Resetarits, President of the NYS American Postal Workers Union says, “We lost five machines here in Buffalo. Five delivery sorters that were taken out of service. Two of them are right down the street at the scrapyard right as we speak. Scrapyard, on the way home. Take a look at it.”

Sure enough, right nearby, we were allowed to enter the yard, and the scrapyard owners showed us several partly disassembled pieces of equipment, with identification stamps still on them.

The legislation that Saturday’s vote is for would direct that no operational changes be made to the USPS for now, provides $25 billion in relief for USPS, and will specify the processing of election mail.

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