BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — For some people, it’s hard to go out and get groceries, or even stop at a restaurant offering take-out.

Two restaurants, located in Buffalo and Ellicottville, are trying to help out locals with a new delivery service.

The owner of Osteria 166 in Buffalo and Villaggio in Ellicottville has launched StockTheFreezer.com — a frozen meal order and delivery service.

Those who visit the site can choose from a selection of popular dishes and favorites from the restaurants. Dessert and wine are included on this list.

When an order is placed, it will be cooked fresh and immediately frozen. When they’re delivered to the customers’ door, preparation instructions will be included.

The first delivery date will be Tuesday, March 24. Once StockTheFreezer.com is fully functional, the restaurants’ owner, Nick Pitillo, hopes to have deliveries out within 48 hours of the time they’re ordered.

“From day one, our whole business was built by and around family,” Pitillo said. “Like so many others, our business went from ‘The O Family’ to no family in the blink of an eye. This is a way for us do what we do best, which is let our family feed our customers’ families.”

Orders over $50 will be delivered for free. More information can be found be emailing info@osteriabuffalo.com or info@villaggioevl.com.

“People are home with their families and the grocery stores are hectic,” Pitillo said. “This is western New York, and we look out for one another. We’re coming together to give local families the peace of mind that a piece – or a tray – of lasagna can bring while we all weather this storm. If you don’t know what your dinner plans or options are going to look like in a few days or weeks, you can stock your family’s freezer with some of your favorite dishes. You can have Sunday dinner at your disposal when you need it.”