BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is feeling confident he’ll be back on the ballot this November.

Last week, the mayor filed a petition with the Erie County Board of Elections to get on the ballot under the independent “Buffalo Party.” He received nearly 3,700 signatures.

The Board of Elections is expected to hold a hearing on Friday to decide what happens next.

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The mayor believes the law is on his side.

“Obviously to have your name on the ballot when people go to vote, they see the name and that’s easier for folks,” Brown says. “But we are pursuing a dual course and we will make sure that people are aware of how to vote for me. Whether it is ‘Write Down Byron Brown’ or whether my name is on the ballot.”

Democratic nominee India Walton has formally objected to the mayor’s attempts to get on the ballot. She argues it would violate election law.

The deadline to file as an independent party candidate was three months ago.

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