Mom charged with assault after stabbing of 6-year-old in Buffalo


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) -Zakiyyah Wolfford, 33, who had been under evaluation at the Erie County Medical Center for weeks, is now charged with Felony assault, endangering the welfare of a child, and weapons possession for stabbing her 6 year old son in their Purdy Street home on October 9

Court papers say she “cut her 6 year old son in the upper torso arms and hands with a large kitchen knife, causing substantial pain, bleeding and fear for his life.”

“We asked the judge for a forensic examination to be done,” said John Flynn, Erie County District Attorney, referring to Wolfford’s arraignment on Friday. “Obviously, this woman has some issues. We will know more once the forensic examination is complete.”

The attack happened on the morning of October 9 on Purdy near Laurel Street. Crystal Hairston lives in the downstairs apartment and heard the noise upstairs. “My husband kicked open the door. When he kicked open her door, we saw her standing there and her son was next to her covered in blood and she had a knife in her hand.”

Hairston grabbed the six year old boy and brought him to safety and stopped the bleeding as Wolfford followed her with a knife. “She said ‘everything will be okay when my life is over.’ I proceeded to tell her to calm down and relax and put the knife down. She didn’t want to listen. She said they’re coming for me.”

That neighbor now questions why Wolfford is only charged with Assault and not something more serious. But Flynn says the injuries are not serious enough to warrant more serious charges. “In this case, the facts don’t bare that out. In this case, the only real injury is to the hand, so there’s no real injury to other parts of the body, there’s a couple superficial wounds. Thank God, it’s not more than that.”

Wolfford is due back in court this Friday, and could still face up to seven years in prison if convicted of the assault charge.

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