BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Nardin Academy officials responded to members of the school’s Board of Trustees’ call for the resignations of Dr. Sandra Betters and Board Chair Tish Van Dyke, saying that the Board went against a review process to complete an assessment of Dr. Betters and Van Dyke.

The school said in a release Monday that the nine members that called for the resignations on Friday in a release of their own was a “rogue statement.”

They said that when concerns about Dr. Betters were raised by certain members of the faculty and other stakeholders, the Board acted to engage outside counsel to assess the concerns before a final report was given. The school alleges that the nine Board members sent out Friday’s statement before the review had been completed.

“The demands of some Board members pressuring others for action before the assessment
report is released is ill-advised and is simply poor governance. We have no doubt that in their
minds, these Board members believe they are acting in the best interest of Nardin,” Monday’s statement said in part. “However, their precipitous demands for action are not supported by an appropriate inquiry (and subsequent final report) and demonstrate blatant disregard for our agreed-upon process and, more importantly, the reputation of the beloved and outstanding learning community that Nardin represents.”

They say that the publicity that the school has gotten in recent days has been “severely damaging to the Academy’s reputation and has divided our community.”

It said later that faculty, staff and Board members, “must behave in a manner that is congruent with respect and appreciation for others, even when we disagree.”

Last Thursday, hundreds of Nardin students, parents and faculty members staged a walk-out in protest of the school’s leadership as well as the future of the school. According to a change.org petition, the Nardin community has a “deep concern” over the current state of the school and the leadership from Dr. Betters.

On Sunday, a major benefactor of the school said that it will withhold funds “until the Board of Trustees makes an immediate leadership change.” The Keane family was a major donor towards the school’s Kevin T. Keane Sports Park in north Buffalo.

You can read the full statement below.

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