BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A nationwide chicken wing shortage continues to hurt restaurants all around, but especially in Buffalo.

We know many restaurants have increased their take-out distribution since pandemic restrictions forced them to find alternative solutions.

The National Chicken Council says because wings are such an easy take-out item. More people are ordering them.

The manager for the Sheridan Drive Duffs says they’ve been busy with takeout, but it’s not unusual for them.

Before the pandemic, about 40% of their business was done through carry-out. Now, it’s about 60%.

While Duffs has adapted to the change, management has noticed over the past few weeks, getting their essential items is becoming harder.

“Say we order 50 cases of wings to get us through the weekend. We might only get 30 of them delivered. So we’re getting about two-thirds of what we typically order. There are some days our food reps will call us and say we might not be able to get you anything,” manager Jeff Feather.

The manager told News 4 the prices of chicken wings, produce, and other restaurant essentials have skyrocketed by almost 200%.

Also, Duffs buys their chicken wings in cases that are around 40 pounds. Right now, they cost more than $3 a pound.

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