New speed zone cameras to go live near two schools on Wednesday


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The City of Buffalo will start issuing fines to drivers who get their picture taken while speeding through some school zones on Wednesday. The speed cameras in front of Canisius High School on Delaware Ave. and near the Stanley Makowski School on Jefferson Ave. will go live.

The city completed a ‘warning period’ for its speed camera program in February, but decided to hold off on sending $50 fines to violators until they installed flashing beacons to warn drivers they are entering a school zone.

There are 14 cameras near a total of 10 schools in Buffalo. Cameras near the other eight schools will be turned on once flashing beacons are installed in those locations.

Cameras are only supposed to take the picture of vehicles travelling 26 mph or faster in the 15 mph school zones.

“Our goal in this program is to change the behaviors of drivers who are driving too fast through urban streets,” said Mayor Byron Brown.

The chart below shows a steady rise in people traveling at less than 26 MPH in school zones while school is in session.

However, several city residents continue to question the program.

“I’ve still been getting calls. I’ve still been getting emails. People are still feeling as if it’s a money grab,” said Councilman Rasheed Wyatt.

Wyatt is among the councilmembers who are asking administrative officials to reconsider certain aspects of the program.

“(I’m proposing) uniform times throughout the school district,” Wyatt said. “I know Council President (Darius) Pridgen has put forth increasing the speed from 15 to 20 mph.”

Some of those issues will be discussed at a Buffalo Common Council Legislation Committee meeting Tuesday afternoon.

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