Nik Wallenda to walk high wire over D’Youville College


Nik Wallenda is planning to walk a high wire at D’Youville College, in celebration of their new Health Professions Hub. That will take place Thursday, June 17.

“Look, I have a special place in my heart for Western new York, I always will,” said Wallenda. “The reality is, that Niagara Falls walk really changed the trajectory of my career, so there’ll always be a special place for me there, so you know, again, when I’m invited to do anything in that area, you better believe it. I’m gonna be there.”

It’ll happen at the corner of West and Connecticut Street. D’Youville will host a block party for the neighbors to watch, and stream it LIVE to the public. Wallenda won’t say yet whether or not he’ll be tethered, but it won’t be nearly as high or as far as many other walks.

“Actually, when I told my Dad about this walk just last week, he said be careful. Those are the ones that could get you,” said Wallenda. “The reality is my great grandfather lost his life on a walk that was miniscule in comparison to other walks that he did, so the dangers are always relevant.”

“Nik takes risks to find the limits of how far a person can go. Likewise, the Hub at D’Youville will push boundaries that drive health education and patient care to astonishing new heights. We are honored to have Nik here to share his energy, courage and passion with our neighbors and campus community.”

D’Youville College President Lorrie Clemo

Wallenda says he’s “honored to be part of the opening of this important new addition to the D’Youville campus, and also to the City of Buffalo.”

D’Youville described their newly-constructed Health Professions Hub as a place for addressing critical healthcare needs in the region, providing a primary care clinic and pharmacy for west side residents and providing students with clinical experience.

The school says more information about Wallenda’s upcoming visit, and activities surrounding the hub’s opening, will be released soon.

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