BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–A very old Buffalo lift bridge will be out of commission for most of the summer causing an unexpected detour near the downtown area.

The Michigan Street lift bridge is in the fully upright position, and it may stay like that for a long time.

A recent inspection uncovered a structural concern which will now create a traffic detour which will affect General Mills and affect Riverworks at a time when they didn’t need yet another glitch affecting their business.

“Well, this is just par for the course this year. It’s 2020, the good news is it might slow down the murder-hornets from coming to Ganson Street.”

Bill Casale keeps a sense of humor about the fact that just hours before he was finally able to open for indoor dining at Riverworks he received word that the nearby Michigan Street Lift Bridge may be out of commission for months.

The bridge itself hasn’t been rehabbed in over 50 years and a recent inspection by New York State discovered the massive cables, which lift the bridge so large boats can pass in the Buffalo River, are seriously compromised.

The city now needs 72 steel cables of more than 100 feet long in a job that make take six months.

While cars are still allowed to use Ohio Street as a detour, trucks are not allowed to make that left turn onto Ohio Street and are advised to use South Park or Louisiana Street instead.