Owners of local gyms eagerly await, start preparing for reopening guidelines


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–Gym owners are still anxiously awaiting the day they can open their doors again.

Following an announcement by Governor Cuomo, that could be right around the corner.

Some local owners are already preparing.

Since the middle of March, treadmills are left untouched and weight machines have remained empty.

As other businesses got the green light to reopen, gym owners were left wondering when they would be next.

“It’s basically been a ghost town in here for the past five and a half months,” Catalyst Fitness owner Amy Bueme said. “You’re trying to be positive, trying to go through all of the different phases hoping you’re in one of those phases and then when we were not in phase four, kind of this new panic took over our house.”

But owners could soon have their answers.

Owner of Reps Fitness Eugene Bofill says, “It couldn’t come soon enough. I honestly thought we were going to get the okay, the green light to reopen, by phase three. That didn’t happen so I was waiting for phase four. That didn’t happen. I understand why we couldn’t open, why we had to remain closed but I’m jubilant that we can finally get something going here.”

Bueme says she’s already been hard at work preparing for the day she can finally open the doors of her seven locations back up.

“We’ve already started a lot of stuff. Didn’t want to do too much because obviously we don’t want to spend money and then go back and spend it again but we already have a lot of stuff in place,” she added.

But working out won’t look like it did before.

As soon as you walk through the door at Catalyst Fitness, you’ll immediately have your temperature checked and you’ll also have to sign a waiver, all equipment will be kept six feet apart, and during group classes, markers will be on the ground to make sure everyone is at a safe distance while they’re working out.

The governor says the ongoing reopening of activities like gyms comes following the state’s low infection rate, which has stayed around 1% for the past week.

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