Oxford Pennant, a Buffalo company, making a big name for itself during Bills season


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A Buffalo company is making a big name for itself this Bills season.

You’ve probably heard about Oxford Pennant, and you’ve probably seen the “Let’s Go Buffalo” sign high atop Seneca One Tower. It’s become a new favorite part of Buffalo’s skyline.

Co-founder David Horesh started Oxford Pennant in 2013. The company employs 26 people and all of their manufacturing is done in western New York.

The pennant company has worked with Nike, Adidas and even the Goo Goo Dolls. But it’s their partnership with the Bills that has everyone talking.

Horesh said “I had an idea from my team that if the Bills won a game, we can take that week’s narrative and create a banner that captured that narrative.”

Pictures of players proudly displaying each banner after the games have generated thousands of likes and comments on social media.

“For my team, it’s wild to see a nationally televised game, the Bills win, then there’s this superstar player holding up a thing that they were working on 72 hours prior,” Horesh said.

Many of these signs show the company’s wit. They share inspirational messages and have a special meaning.

Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott’s favorite saying was one of the first for this season, and it’s become a motto for the team this year just as much as “Victory Monday” has become a permanent thing.

“When it’s Sunday and there’s a Bills game, I don’t know about you, but I wake up at 6:30 and I’m like, Bills, and that’s my thing all day,” Horesh said. “So, my team knew we were going to have a really special season and when it started to build, 9 wins became 10 wins, became 11. This isn’t just a fun season, this team can do something.”

The Bills are 13-3 and AFC East champs for the first time since 1995. This called for a stunt that would spice up Buffalo’s skyline.

Four giant 40×13 “Let’s Go Buffalo” pennants are now on full display on all sides of Seneca One.

“I was driving on the 190 southbound yesterday, and I drove by and I just saw the building and I just had to laugh,” Horesh said. “It’s so funny to me that like, this thing, you talk about it and you’re like, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if we put a banner up there and then, like, then the Bills are in the playoffs and there it is! Um, only in Buffalo.”

Unfortunately, the signs can’t stay forever, but they will until the end of this historic season.

“My expectation is that they’ll come down in February,” Horesh said.

Oxford Pennant has spent the season giving the Bills Mafia a big morale boost and expressing the sentiments they see in the western new York community — a football-loving city that truly cares about one another.

“It’s part of what makes Buffalo an amazing place,” Horesh says. “It’s part of the reason I want the Bills to win so bad! So, we can all feel good and celebrate that the city had something really great happening for it.”

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