Pears bought at Wegmans turn into donations of pairs of socks for Compass House


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–You’re a real peach if you’ve eaten a pear lately from Wegmans.

That’s because you’ve helped those in need by doing so.

Wegmans teamed up with Rainier Fruit, one of the largest suppliers of fruit in the U.S. They had a campaign called, Pears for Pairs.

A portion of the proceeds from pears sold at Wegmans, in November and December went toward buying pairs of socks.

So, if you bought a pear at the end of the year last year, you were most likely helping in that campaign.

Today, 2,500 socks were donated to the Compass House in Buffalo.

The Compass House provides safe shelter and services to runaway youth in the area.

Officials say kids stay, on average, 7-to-10 days, and Compass House staff works with them in that time to figure out their next step.

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