Person trying to sell Pancho Packs online for profit


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)– Veronica Borjon, the partner of late Bills fan Pancho Billa, is speaking out after it was discovered that a charity with his name is being used to turn a profit.

After weeks of fundraising and putting hundreds of “Pancho Packs” together, someone is trying to sell them online for $40.

A few of the backpacks were found on the Facebook marketplace in Dallas, Texas.

The post was noticed over the weekend and after some online criticism, the post was removed.

Pancho Billa, whose real name is Ezra Castro, was not just passionate about the Buffalo Bills but he was passionate about helping kids in need.

When Borjon saw the post she became emotional.

“As soon as I saw that I broke down in tears with anger. That someone is profiting off my husband’s wish and not just his wish but everybody’s donation, everybody’s effort, who took their time to go to the stadium and stuff these backpacks, and put these tags on one by one you know for $40,” Borjon said.

She reached out to the person who was selling the backpacks on Facebook, and the post was taken down shortly after that.

Borjon also wanted to further emphasize that the backpacks are not for resale.

So, if you’re family received one, keep it, don’t sell it.

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