Preparations being made at Sahlen Field to host Toronto Blue Jays practice squad


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–It’s a turbulent time for sports fans.

Football fans and baseball fans are watching for any silver lining.

At Sahlen Field, the gates will remain closed to the public all summer long but inside, they are preparing to host the practice squad of the Toronto Blue Jays starting Thursday.

“It’s very important for baseball to come back. It’s gonna be a good outlet for people to be deprived of entertainment and things to look forward to on a daily basis,” fan Brandan Conley said.

Today at Sahlen Field, crews were prepping the diamond for the expected arrival of the Toronto Blue Jays practice squad this week.

Major league games begin on Thursday but we still don’t know where the Blue Jays will hold next week’s home games. Buffalo seems to be a more unlikely location for major league games.

“I’m hoping something happens because we miss sports.”

Without Bisons baseball, Jose Rivera had a tougher time filling the parking lot at Washington and Swan Street this summer.

“Well, we lost a lot of clients. It used to always be crowded. I used to love working baseball games just to interact with customers and just enjoy the games watching myself with the family,” Rivera added.

When it comes to the Buffalo Bills, not only will the fans have to stay away but now the preseason games might not even happen.

“It’s gonna have a huge impact on our business. We count on football season. We have great fans, we’re packed from the time we open , our lot is full with tailgaters and it’s sad it’s coming down to this and hopefully we might be able to get a turnaround,” Darlene Zlotec of Danny’s South said.

But Danny’s South, right down the road from the stadium, is still where Wayne Mack plans to watch the games.

“The away games, they get a lot of customers here so I believe with people not being able to get inside the stadium or tailgate, they’re gonna come indoors and this is always a great place to watch a game,” Mack said.

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