BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — On Tuesday afternoon, the City of Buffalo shared a number of facts pertaining to the City’s cleanup of the snowstorm:

Lifting and Hauling Snow

  • City of Buffalo used five private contractors (at a cost of $1.2 million)
  • 11 additional entities used
  • 60-162 pieces of major equipment used
  • Over 50 pieces of City of Buffalo snow fleet equipment used


  • Approximately 175 mini-tows performed

Where was the snow stored?

  • Seneca Street Engineering Garage
  • Fillmore and Buell Avenues
  • Houghton Park Parking Lot
  • Fuhrmann Boulevard (with assistance from NYS)
  • Dart Street

How much snow was hauled?

  • 1,088.5 feet
    • For context, City Hall is 398 feet tall, while Seneca One Tower is 529 feet tall.

How much salt was used?

  • 100 tons for pre-salting
  • 3,000 tons applied during the storm and cleanup
  • (Cost: $131,000)

When it comes to which municipality got the most snow, Hamburg takes the number one spot, with a total of 81.2 inches — less than three inches from reaching seven feet. Orchard Park wasn’t far behind, at 80 inches.

In Erie County, three men were found to have died as a result of cardiac-related events pertaining to the massive record snowstorm.

News 4’s Patrick Ryan finds out whether sidewalk plowing could be in the City of Buffalo’s plans in the video at the top of the page.

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