BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — There are so many ways a house fire can be sparked, and Monday morning on Wake Up, Lt. Marvin Spates with the Buffalo Fire Department joined us to talk about ways to prevent a blaze at residences.

Spates recommends that people have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on each level of their homes.

And if you’re going to have one, it’s important to check it, too. Spates says people should check their smoke detectors monthly to make sure they work.

One of the most common mistakes Spates sees people make, and which sometimes leads to later notice of a fire, is taking the batteries out of smoke detectors.

Sure, the beeping they make when they get low on power or detect smoke from cooking can be annoying, but Spates says it’s no excuse for lacking safety.

On Wake Up, Spates also warned against keeping electrical cords under the carpet. Additionally, he wants people to be wary of outlets and how they can get overloaded.

Buffalo happens to have a lot of older homes, some where the electrical work may need some updates. Something simple to remember, spoken by Spates, is “frayed wires cause fires.” Hear more from him in the video above.

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