BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Snow in some Buffalo neighborhoods was finally plowed out Tuesday, meaning some neighbors have been stuck in their homes for five days. The Valley section of Buffalo was among the last neighborhoods to see a plow, and people there are relieved their lives can get back to normal.

Bolton and Harvey Place are one-way roads connected by Buffalo River Place. All three roads were impassable Tuesday morning, but by the afternoon, residents could reunite with loved ones, get medical treatment and get food from the grocery store.

“Somebody has to be last. You can’t always be first,” Joseph Carpino of Harvey Place told News 4. “We didn’t know when our street was going to be done. It could’ve been actually done next week for all we knew.”

Buffalo Public Works Commissioner Nate Marton held a press conference Tuesday afternoon where he said his crews are doing everything they can to make sure residents can get out of their homes.

“I personally have a lot of empathy for residents out here who are buried under four feet of snow in some cases,” Marton said. “I want to get there as soon as we can. I understand we are not going to be everywhere for everybody all the time; I’m working as hard as I can. The men and women of the department are and our contractors are (too).”

Several feet of snow clogged these narrow roads. Front loaders cleared the way after days of being stuck.

“It was an instant moment of relief. We can finally get out,” Bolton Place resident Brandon McDonough said.

McDonough spent the last five days digging out his neighbors driveways, including Tuesday, so one woman could get to work.

“It’s just the neighborly thing to do,” McDonough said. “We all help each other out around here. Whatever we need. I check up on my neighbors, they check up on us.”

Kitty Lambert-Rudd spent the afternoon clearing snow off her car. She was trying to pick up her wife from the hospital.

“It was actually very frightening to be kind of locked into this. My wife’s in the hospital, if something happened that was extremely urgent. I couldn’t get there,” Lambert-Rudd said before bringing her wife home.

News 4 also spoke with Lambert-Rudd after she returned to Bolton Place with her wife. She said she jumped for joy when she saw her wife for the first time.

Leonard Fleming goes for dialysis treatment three days per week, but he hasn’t been able to get there since the storm hit. After learning about Fleming’s plight, a total stranger came to help him.

“I heard this guy needed that dialysis and I couldn’t imagine staying at home and letting this guy go without dialysis,” Paul Izard of South Buffalo said. “So I said I’ve got to go over and help this guy.”

It’s another lift from the City of Good Neighbors.

“I was worried I wasn’t going to make it,” Fleming said. “But I did… He’s a hero.”

Izard got emotional and said he feels he made the right decision to help Fleming.

Life is a bit more normal for those who live in this section of The Valley, but there are still some neighborhood struggling to recover from this historic storm.

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