UPDATE: A representative with the union says workers voted in favor of unionizing. The final vote was 43-6.

Senator Tim Kennedy released a statement regarding the vote by Spot Coffee employees:

“Today’s affirmative vote by the employees of four Western New York Spot Coffee locations to form a union sends a resounding message: working men and women in our community will always stand up for each other. We will continue to fight for fair pay and benefits for a fair day’s work, and will not back down from the fight when challenged. Together, we will rise and protect workers’ rights.”

Senator Tim Kennedy

ORIGINAL: It’s a big day for employees at the Spot Coffee across Western New York. All day, they’ve been casting ballots voting on the creation of a union.

Employees at spot coffee are voting to join a union, called Workers United.

This whole effort started a few months ago when a few Spot Coffee employees said they were fired after trying to start the initial steps to form a union. Advocates say, their Spot Coffee counterparts in Rochester had a union, and they wanted one as well.

Workers here hope that they serve more than just coffee, but serve as an example to other food service workers in Western New York.

“We’re classified as low wage, low skilled workers, but we put in a good day’s work,” said Kay Kennedy, spot coffee worker . “We get you guys your coffee, we’re skilled, we’re kind, we handle the emotional labor of customers, we are on call usually, we have erratic, unusual schedules, we deserve consistency respect and decency in the workplace.”