Springville couple among 120 volunteers decorating the White House for Christmas


WASHINGTON, D.C. (WIVB)–It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the White House and for Jason Saramak from Springville it’s an honor to play a role in decorating many of the rooms.

“One tree by the residential staircase that we did took us all day to do. And it is a patriotic duty because it’s the people’s house,” Saramak said.

Saramak, a Deputy Sheriff with Erie County Sheriff’s Office, and his husband Nicholas are just two of the 120 volunteers picked to decorate the White House this year.

“The first lady wanted a patriotic feel throughout all the rooms in the White House and let me tell you, that definitely captured all the feel,” Saramak added.

Volunteers from across the world traveled all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Saramak says a woman drove from Montana to help as well as people from Italy.

They arrived in Washington D.C. Thursday to help execute the vision of first lady Melania Trump.

“She was impressed with what she saw,” Saramak told News 4.

He says they were assigned to the tree in the Grand Foyer, which had a gold theme.

“To see everything after it’s done takes your breath away. You get to walk through every room, you get to enjoy everybody’s company. You make new friends, we almost become a family,” Nicholas Saramak said.

Nicholas says being a gay couple decorating in the White House makes a statement. He says volunteers leave their politics at the door because in here, they’re working together.

“There is no hatred, there is no division. We have people here that are decorating that came during the Obama administration, during the Bush, all the way back to Reagan and Nixon. There’s a gentleman here who’s 92-years-old who’s been coming for 40 years,” Nicholas said.

Saramak says there’s a gold star family Christmas tree near the Rose Garden. He put an ornament on that tree in honor of his cousin, who was a Buffalo Firefighter who has passed away.

They plan on going back next year to decorate.

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