BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–There’s a new campaign that’s helping get cats adopted in a unique way.

The Ten Lives Club is dressing up their adoptable cats in hats and businesses are asked to jump on board.

The cats will have their picture taken with the hat and the business’s logo will be placed on the photo.

The businesses are asked to donate to the cause and then, the Ten Lives Club will post the photo on their social media pages.

The hope is to get attention to cats that need loving homes and raise money for their care.

“I would say at least 20 cats are up for adoption now. We just took in a transport yesterday of a whole bunch of kittens from a high-kill shelter. So those will be going up for adoption soon as well. You never know what the day holds at the Ten Lives Club, you’ll have most of the cats adopted and more will pull up and have a whole bunch more we need to help with medical care and get adopted,” Public Relations Manager Kimberly LaRussa said.

If you’d like to help out in another way, the Ten Lives Club is also asking for small hat donations.
Creative folks out there can also make a hat for a cat.