BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Jamie and Christian Bell, twin boys who lost their father in a crash about one month ago and were injured themselves, learned Friday that Bills quarterback Josh Allen wanted to host them for a game this upcoming season. We showed them the video message, which made them smile.

“They need to smile, and I love when they smile,” said Samantha Torrey, their mom.

Both were in the backseat of a vehicle that crashed in Commerce City, Colorado, just outside of Denver, and both were hurt. Their father, Nicholas Bell, died. He was 29 years old.

Bell was a Williamsville native, Marine veteran, and Bills fan who became a believer in Allen during his rookie season. Torrey says both boys bonded with their dad over the Bills, and over Allen.

“He’s his most favorite, he doesn’t have a second favorite. football player,” said Jamie.

“For him to take the time out and kind of learn their back story and for him to personally say, pick a game that you guys want to go to, and I know when they’re there they’re going to be so excited,” Torrey said.

“Seeing their face, it makes me feel, it makes me feel good that they can smile and be happy. that’s what they need.

The boys are still quite young, and it has been a trying time, and while they still might not know most kids don’t get personal invites from NFL quarterbacks, they had this message of gratitude.

“Josh thank you Josh, for inviting us. we’re huge fans of the Buffalo Bills,” they said. “Go Bills.”