Baltimore radio host who blasted Buffalo thanks Bills Mafia for donations despite harsh comments

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BALTIMORE, Md. (WIVB) — Earlier this month, just before the Buffalo Bills’ playoff game against the Houston Texans, Baltimore radio personality Jerry Coleman blasted the City of Buffalo and its fans.

Specifically, Coleman dubbed Buffalo a “city of losers” on air and social media.

Once the Bills Mafia heard this, they responded in the same way in which they’ve made headlines before.

Fans saw Coleman had pinned a tweet on his Twitter profile, saying his mom is in ailing health as she fights Alzheimer’s disease.

So, the Bills Mafia donated to the Alzheimer’s Association in droves, raising thousands of dollars.

This week, Coleman choked up on live radio when he heard of this overwhelming response:

“I did call the teams losers. I didn’t mean the people of the city. I meant the sports teams…There were some very nasty things that have been sent my way, but still, this is overwhelming, and they raised $7,000 for Alzheimer’s. This won’t save my mom’s life, but hopefully it saves futures generations to come and we can end this terrible disease.”

Coleman is one of the morning show hosts on 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore.

Earlier in the broadcast, Coleman was caught crying live on air, holding back tears and thanking the Bills Mafia for their support.

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