NYS comptroller tells Western Regional OTB to clean up its operations

Western New York

(WIVB) — New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli says Western Regional Off-Track Betting needs to clean up its operations.

The audit released Thursday accuses OTB of spending more than $120,000 on tickets to sporting events, concerts, and food and drinks without the oversight required by New York State.

That report also found that OTB CEO did not reimburse the organization for his personal use of an official vehicle in a timely manner.

Following DiNapoli’s report, some Democrats in Niagara County are calling for a change in leadership at OTB.

“The audit today uncovered numbers of discrepancies in the use of tickets, in the use of car mileage. But, I think the tickets are most important because that’s something we can tangibly see,” said Chris Borgatti, Niagara County Democratic party chairman.

CEO Henry Wojtaszek says “we invited the comptroller to do an audit” and that any organization can improve the way it operates.

He also says the audit shows that claims of vast mismanagement at OTB were way off-base.

We invited the comptroller in to do an audit, cooperated fully and welcome their suggestions. Many we had already implemented before their review.  The fact is any organization can always improve the way they operate. 

This audit also shows that those who were making claims about vast mismanagement and misuse of resources at OTB were way off base. 

We have experienced significant growth, reopened after the pandemic with record revenue, and returned more dollars to local governments than we ever have.  That growth has been accompanied by a significant improvement in all of our internal accountability processes. We will use the comptroller’s report to further improve.

 Henry Wojtaszek, President and CEO of Batavia Downs

View the two audits below:

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