Senator Rath says state could move faster when it comes to restaurants going back to normal

Western New York

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB) — State Senator Ed Rath believes New York could move faster when it comes to bringing restaurants back to normal.

Senator Rath said allowing outdoor dining after midnight does not go far enough for businesses that have been under such tight regulations because of the pandemic.

“It’s pretty shocking to me, that you can dine outside after midnight but you can’t dine inside after midnight, I don’t understand why there are two sets of rules, for our restaurants. They have been enduring state confusing regulations and changing rules consistently,” Rath said. “I’m happy that we’re starting to return to normal with our restaurants, but we shouldn’t have to have two sets of rules for indoor and outdoor dining.”

The indoor dining curfew ends on May 31.

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