Staffing remains a big concern for area restaurants and bars

Western New York

(WIVB) — The New York State Restaurant Association says staffing continues to be a big concern for restaurants and bars across the area.

Leaders say some businesses have been so heavily impacted, they’re forced to change hours and even the days they open for business.

Some of the issues could stem from COVID-19 concerns. The Restaurant Association says other problems also exist, like finding child care for young children and remote learners.

In some cases, Restaurant Association President Melissa Fleischut says retirements or career changes could be factors.

“65+ aged adults have decided to leave the job market,” she says. “Women have left the job market, and we think that there’s a lot of people out there too that probably had to choose different positions while we were forced to be shut down.”

Fleischut adds that work-from-home jobs are becoming more popular, and many people are also putting preference on those positions.

In Washington, Republicans are urging the Biden Administration to roll back the additional $300 per week unemployment benefits, saying it creates more incentive for people to stay home.

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