Tops Markets make the move towards solar-powered energy

Western New York

(WIVB) — Starting this Fall, when you grab your groceries at Tops Markets, you’ll be shopping under solar-powered lights.

The grocery chain partnered with an energy storage company named Convergent Energy and Power. They plan on powering half of their Western New York stores via solar energy soon.

In the future, the goal is to expand the solar energy program to more Tops locations.

The farms have solar panels that harness energy from the sun and then store that energy in large batteries. So, technically the sun doesn’t need to be shining at all times for the stores to use that energy.

Tops Public and Media Relations Manager Kathy Sautter said, “That energy will then be sourced for later days when it is cloudy and not sunny. So think of the lithium battery that you have in your phone… just a very large scale of that will be used on these solar farms.”

The solar farms are being built right now in towns across New York.

The stores that are transitioning to solar energy come fall will use the sun to power up to 80% of the building.

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