Woman in Amsterdam joins Bills Mafia thanks to a random group text with fans from Western New York

Western New York

A group chat between Bills fans and a total stranger in Amsterdam, turned into the start of possible life-long friendships and a new member of Bills Mafia.

A few months ago Amanda Perino bought a U.S. SIM card so that she’d have a U.S. number for emails and work.

She says almost immediately she started getting texts from a group chat with a bunch of men who were talking about football. Turns out the number she had, belonged to someone who was in the group, who changed their number.

She said at first she was annoyed with the constant notifications. However, it didn’t take long for her to find the men’s sense of humor amusing.

Even when she messaged the group saying she just signed up for the number and didn’t know any of them, the men joked and refused to let her out of the chat.

After weeks of back and forth between the Bills fans, she decided to meet them all in Buffalo at the game against Miami.

“I was just charmed by not just this group of guys in particular and their friends and their partners but also everyone that we met at the game that was sitting near us, and everyone that I met in Buffalo itself,” Perino said. “It’s kind of hard not to get all wrapped up in the Bills Mafia thing and I left with just a good feeling about everything.”

This was Perino’s first time in Buffalo. She jokes that no table were harmed in the making of this Bills fan.

The friendship don’t end there. Perino said she is planning on making it to another Bills game with everyone next season. She also said they are planning a trip where the Bills fans visit Amsterdam.

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