BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A UB science student is using her knowledge and creativity to help others learn, through a catchy song.

People of all ages have been enjoying Raven Baxter’s viral YouTube video “Wipe It Down” — a parody giving tips to stay clean and healthy amid COVID-19.

Baxter felt it was her duty to spread a positive message during this time.

“So, the song was born,” Baxter says. “I matched it up with a song that kind of made sense to pair it with, and made a little dance, and put it on the Internet, and everyone liked it.”

Raven the Science Maven says she’s committed to making learning fun for everyone, and getting people excited about the field.

“As an educator, being that I’m not in the lab right now trying to get a vaccine or working on the front lines, I feel like my role is to educate the public and to help those who are working on the front lines,” Baxter says.

And you can expect a lot more from Raven soon! She is actually coming out with a science CD.