BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–The woman accused of running over a state trooper and two other officers during a protest on Bailey Avenue is not getting out of jail, just yet.

This comes after federal prosecutors blocked a court order which would have allowed Deyanna Davis to go home. Her attorney is fighting back.

Last week, Federal Magistrate Jeremiah McCarthy agreed there is not enough evidence Davis is a threat to society. But according to her lawyer, Sam Davis, federal prosecutors have prevented that from happening.

Now, Deyanna Davis must remain behind bars until at least Tuesday.

The attorney of Deyanna Davis says her family is coming to terms with the fact they will not be seeing their loved one for at least another week.

Instead, a federal judge will decide whether to release Davis under electronic monitoring.

Davis is facing several charges, including attempted murder after she allegedly drove her car into a line of police officers on Bailey Avenue last month, running over state trooper Ronald Ensminger and two other officers.

Surveillance video from the Air One helicopter shows Davis’s SUV drive around stopped cars and a city bus before hitting police.

Her attorney blames tear gas, saying his client’s vision was hindered.

Sam Davis says he’s hopeful Deyanna will be back with her family following Tuesday’s court date.

Davis also tells me his client had been shot while in the SUV that night, although he says it’s unclear by whom or when. We have reached out to the US Attorney’s Office for more information, we have not heard back at this time.