BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — According to the Rochester Regional Joint Board of Workers United (RRJB), a Buffalo coffee shop is recognizing its employees’ intent to unionize.

Workers at Remedy House, located on Rhode Island Street, walked out after the store closed this past Tuesday. They claimed that one of their colleagues was fired in response to workers’ intention to unionize.

Remedy House told a different story. In an Instagram post from Wednesday, they wrote that they already had plans to cut five positions in the back and front of house prior to being notified of the unionization plans.

“After notifying one of these employees that their position had been eliminated, we were provided a letter of intention to unionize. The decision to eliminate this position was made days ago, prior to us having any knowledge of the unionization effort,” Remedy House said.

Still, Remedy House said it supports its workers’ efforts to unionize.

“If they want to join a union then that is their prerogative,” Remedy House’s Andrew Trautman told News 4.

Rochester Regional Joint Board of Workers United is the same organization that made it possible for workers at Starbucks and Lexington Co-op to unionize. Buffalo itself has been pivotal in the unionization of coffeehouses; namely, Starbucks. The popular coffee chain’s Elmwood Avenue store was the first in the nation to unionize.

RRJB says that Remedy House management “conceded” to workers’ demands within 24 hours of their demonstration, voluntarily recognizing the union.

“This means Remedy House workers are officially recognized as a union and workers will begin contract negotiations with the employer,” RRJB said.

Remedy House worker Lia Sitrin says “this is just the start for us.”

“We hope this next chapter provides opportunities to continue learning and growing as we move towards our goal for reclaiming the ‘Remedy House’ name as one that truly stands for the community,” Sitrin said.

According to RRJB, workers at Remedy House are fighting for the fired worker, Meghan Sullivan, to be reinstated, too.

“They have filed an unfair labor practice charge and are confident they will win Meghan’s reinstatement,” RRJB says.

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