BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–A serious motorcycle accident closed Route 5 in South Buffalo on Monday afternoon but today, we have some better news to report.

A young man is making a slow recovery and he has first responders to thank for it.

It all happened two days ago on Route 5 near Tifft Street and you’re about to hear a first-hand account of the life-saving efforts and a heartfelt thank you from the victim’s family.

Nina Rivera is the mother of 24 year old Javier McDougall, who on Monday afternoon lost control of his motorcycle on Route 5 near Tifft Street.

He may not be alive today if not for the quick work of Buffalo Police Lt. Liz Baker, who was on duty and arrived at the scene, and Erie County Sheriff Deputy Chris Imhof, who was driving home from work at the Erie County Holding Center.

“I assisted her. We used a bystander’s belt to apply tourniquet. I assisted her in putting that improvised tourniquet,” Imhof said. “I was a combat medic in the Army years ago. It’s probably been 5 years but it’s crazy that all the training comes back.”

Javier has been bleeding severely from his leg. When more police showed up, they applied a proper tourniquet.

Rivera says, “I do believe their being there definitely had a lot to do. My son is still here at this moment and I will always appreciate that from them.”

Because of COVID precautions, Javier’s mom hasn’t been allowed to see him. He was critical but is now in stable condition at ECMC.

He’s 24, lives in Lackawanna, graduated from ECC and now works with the disabled.

“I would like to thank everybody whose been on Facebook giving their love and prayers and support. I really do believe that’s what got my son through this and I would like them to keep praying and please, he’s not out of the woods and just everyday is a day that we’re thankful. Everything is going well right now.”

Imhof says, “His father actually reaches out to me on social media. Brought tears to my eyes it was incredible to hear. We kind of get a bad rap lately, it’s nice to see cops doing their thing just working together hand in hand , was awesome. I just want to see him alive and walking.”