BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Is the world ready to get “Buffaloed?” That’s the name of the new movie premiering in theaters Friday. The main character is from Buffalo.

Ever heard of someone getting Buffaloed? Buffalonians, it’s not really a good thing.

But local movie enthusiasts tell News 4 what is good, is the exposure this movie is bringing to the Queen City.

In the first few seconds of the trailer, you can spot many Buffalo references — the grain silos and of course Bills gear.

“Absolutely exciting. We love any movie that stars Buffalo,” said Ray Barker, program director for the North Park Theatre.

The new movie Buffaloed shows a different side of the Queen City. The film, starring Zoey Deutch, was written by Lockport native Brian Sacca.

“It’s nice to have some attention come to our city and to think about our blue-collar image,” said Barker.

The main character, Peggy, can be seen in the trailer conning fans out of Bills tickets and ends up falling into major debt. She then becomes a debt collector.

“We take our Bills seriously so anyone who would cheat a fan is lower than low and she starts out as kind of a con artist who’s greasing fans and that gets her into trouble with the law,” said Barker.

Ray Barker at North Park Theatre says while it’s based in Buffalo, most of the movie wasn’t shot in the area.

“And here we have a film actually about Buffalo and it’s not filmed here, that’s kind of funny I think,” said Barker.

The movie is a comedy-drama after all. Barker says he hopes Buffalonians won’t take it too seriously.

“I think we’ll have a good sense of humor about this film, we like to laugh. And maybe it’s depicting a kind of Rust Belt era of Buffalo that’s gone, but maybe we’ll laugh and think about all of the progress we’ve made,” said Barker.

He says one thing’s for sure, it still manages to show the City of Good Neighbors in it’s own quirky way.

“In the film the lead character is trying to use her schemes ultimately to help people. It’s crooked ways to get there, but she does try to help people in the end which is good,” said Barker.

Buffaloed premieres in theaters on Valentine’s Day. You can only catch it at North Park Theatre in Buffalo.