SOUTH DAYTON, N.Y. (WIVB) — Western New York is known for fantastic food, but we want to know who serves Buffalo’s Best.

This week, we asked News 4 viewers to tell us who serves Buffalo’s Best donut.

This poll had the most votes out of any Buffalo’s best poll so far, with thousands of you weighing in.

In the end, the South Dayton Supermarket came out on top with the most votes.

“They’re awesome donuts. I mean you can’t beat them,” said John Thuman, a South Dayton Supermarket customer who was picking up donuts Friday morning.

“They’re the best!” agreed another customer, Trish Beitz.

People come from far and wide to enjoy the tasty treats baked up daily in the full-service, family-owned store.

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Many people end up shipping the donuts to loved ones across the country to share the joy. “We actually have a lady who used to work here that had friends in North Dakota come to visit and now every year she has to box up a dozen donuts and send them to North Dakota at Christmas time,” said Lonnie Eklund, the produce manager.

“My son is in the military and this is always his first stop when he comes home and my daughter’s in college and she’s been taking orders from her friends to take them back with her,” added South Dayton Supermarket customer Holly Abers.

The staff in the South Dayton Supermarket bakery serves up a wide range of sweet treats which they make fresh every day.

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The top-seller by far, though, is the famous apple fritter. “It’s crunchy on the outside, totally fresh, but there’s tons of icing that drizzles down to the inside, with tons of apples, cinnamon,” Beitz told News 4.

“It’s our signature item, and it’s large, sweet chewy, and obviously good for you,” South Dayton Supermarket President Jeff Eklund said with a wink.

Many people say the fritter is too big to eat in one go, anyway. A lot of customers share a fritter with a friend or choose to savor it over a couple days.

News 4’s Katie Alexander got to to try the South Dayton Supermarket’s winning donuts for herself Friday morning. Watch the videos below to see our full coverage as this week’s Buffalo’s Best results were announced.

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Fans of the fritters and other donuts from the South Dayton Supermarket have been coming for years to get them.

The South Dayton Supermarket opened in 1968, and has undergone three major expansions since then. As the crew there gets ready to celebrate the store’s 50th anniversary, they say they’re honored to be chosen for the Buffalo’s Best donut title.

Next week, we’ll reveal Western New Yorker’s choice for Buffalo’s Best Pizza. Submit your nominations here.