Hockey fans protested the firing of one of their favorite announcers Wednesday in Toronto


TORONTO, ON (CNN Newsource)–Veteran broadcaster Don Cherry was terminated on Monday for making controversial comments during a game on Saturday.

The hockey legend was lamenting the dwindling number of Canadians who wear poppies for Remembrance Day.

Cherry has told CBC he regrets his choice of words.

In his rant, the veteran broadcaster claimed immigrants did not appreciate the sacrifice the Canadian military has made over the years.

Cherry says if he had used the phrase everyone should support veterans instead of saying you people, he wouldn’t have been dismissed.

Many of his fans protesting outside the Rogers Center do not think that was a firing offense.

“I think he meant the right thing. I think it came out a little bit wrong,” Glenn McMullin said.

Nathan Gee says, “he didn’t say anything offensive. Right now we come to a time when people can’t say anything anymore. He has said nothing racially. Nothing bad. He’s a nice guy. I like him, that’s it.”

Cherry’s firing has drawn mixed reaction across Canada.

Some want Sportsnet to bring him back.

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