TORONTO (WIVB) — A rescue dog was brazenly stolen out of his kennel, according to the Toronto Humane Society, who tell local news outlets that the suspect was kicked out the day before after acting abusive toward staff.

Milo is the 10-month-old lab pup that was taken on Friday. A tweet from the Humane Society said he is microchipped, which could assist in his safe retrieval.

Humane Society officials told CityNews that the man who walked off with Milo was there a day before, but when he wanted to adopt a dog, he became belligerent with staff, accusing them of being disrespectful by making him go through the process. Security eventually escorted him away.

It was one day later he returned, wasn’t noticed by anyone on staff, walked into a room and took Milo off a run, then walked out the front door with security and staff not noticing.