Canadian agents seize 231 firearms at U.S.-Ontario border so far this year

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FORT ERIE, CANADA (WIVB-TV) –Border agents from Canada have seized hundreds guns at the Southern Ontario border this year.

Most of them were carried or smuggled by U.S. citizens, and more than half happened at Western New York’s three local crossings. The other seizures occurred in Detroit.

From January 1 through August 30, Canadian Border Services Officers seized 231 firearms that people were trying to take with them into Ontario. In 2018, 305 firearms were seized throughout the entire year.

Between March and April, a total of 33 undeclared handguns were discovered in three separate instances at the Peace Bridge, but what’s more, Canadian officials say over-capacity magazines were also discovered in all of those searches.

In May, officers found six undeclared guns at the Rainbow Bridge, and a deeper search led them to find concealed magazines.

Even the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge saw action in July, when a car search turned up three undeclared guns and one prohibited magazine.

The Canada Border Services Agency says those are just some enforcement highlights and that they are always on the watch to prevent contraband entering the country every day of the year.

“We have small scale imaging devices and large scale imaging devices, trace detection technology, other small things like density meters, laser range finders, radiation detection portals,” said Kim Upper, the Acting District Director of Fort Erie District Operations. “Other technological, scientific technology that really assist us.”

Upper also said that dogs are trained to sniff out firearms and currency in addition to narcotics. She says they stay up to date on global trends so that they are always current on concealment methods.

Upper points out that Canadian gun laws can be different from U.S. gun laws, and for that reason, it’s important to remember to declare your firearm so that you don’t get fined or charged. Better yet, if you’re just visiting Canada, Upper says leave the firearms at home.

If you suspect illegal contraband heading over the border, you can report it by calling 1-888-502-9060.

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