Ghost kitchen trend expands a small Fredonia restaurant’s outreach


FREDONIA, N.Y. (WIVB) — Not sure what to order for dinner tonight? Well one business in Fredonia is taking that confusion into consideration.

TaQo, a Fredonia restaurant was established during the pandemic and is beginning to expand their small kitchen to more than one business. 

Nick Keefe, owner of the establishment, opened the doors of TaQo on Cinco de Mayo 2020. During the lockdown, TaQo took the efforts to social media to reach the Fredonia community.

With a little over a thousand followers on instagram, Taqo posts promotions and deals for the community to react to which has drawn in over 90 percent of their sales online.

Their kitchen may be small, but Taqo has some big plans to expand their brand. 

To help increase business on their slow season while SUNY Fredonia students are back home for the summer, Keefe adapted the idea of a Ghost Kitchen trend.

“So the idea is you put multiple concepts in the same location so you’re sharing the same overhead, sharing the same labor, the same equipment, and basically it’s all driven through online orders and it’s driven through curbside pickup and delivery.” says Keefe, “So ideally you can build a big enough building and put ten different concepts in the same location.”

The Big Cheeseburger, their newest added menu opened April 13th, and has been booming everyday since. The first week of business, the restaurant completely sold out of all their fresh burgers. To add the new menu to the establishment, all Keefe had to do was add elleven new menu items to their kitchen, using all of Taqo’s fresh ingredients for toppings.

This trend has helped increase sales in the past few weeks for the establishment, and Taqo is not done expanding just yet. 

This past week. Taqo joined  Lena’s Pizzeria in Westfield, to expand another establishment into a ghost kitchen and grow even more in the future.

To order from Taqo or The Big Cheeseburgers’ menu check their menu out on online platforms like doordash or toast.  

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