Cheektowaga Little Loop limiting full-contact practices

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Jametrian and Amari come from a football family. Their dad used to play and this is their main sport. 

Their father, Daqwan Samuels, said he wants to make sure they can play as long as they enjoy the game. He told News 4 he likes the idea of limiting full-contact practices. 

Yeah, it’s better for them, they get a longer longevity of playing their career, said Samuels. 

USA Football allows 90 minutes per week of full-contact football practice. 

In February, the New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association passed a bill reducing in-season full-contact practice to 15 minutes per week. The NJIAA said the rule is one of the most restrictive in the county. 

The chairman of the Cheektowaga Little Loop, Joseph D’Amaro, liked the idea. 

There’s different types of drills we run to simulate full-contact, but it’s the same thing, where you’re engaging and taking that player and bringing him hard down to the ground, said D’Amaro

In the Fall of 2019, the varsity players will only be allowed 30 minutes of full-contact practice per week. 

The coaches said there are plenty of drills they can do that are not full contact. They all said that despite the big change, they are all on board. 

We’ll find out more this year, but I think it’s going to work pretty good. For some people, it’s hard for change. But, once we get it going, I think it’ll be okay, said Patrick Thornton, Varsity Head Coach of Cheektowaga Little Loop. 

Thornton said the league will see how it goes this season. He told News 4 that if they like how it is working, they will continue the restricted practices in future seasons. 

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