A representative of Chris Collins’ campaign for re-election says the incumbent will not debate his opponent, Democrat Nate McMurray.

Here is the statement that was sent to News 4:

“The difference between Congressman Collins and Nate McMurray couldn’t be any clearer and no debate will change that. Voters have a choice between a candidate who supports President Trump and Making America Great Again, or a candidate who’s bought and paid for by Nancy Pelosi and her progressive machine. Lawyers have nothing to do with this decision.”

McMurray responded, saying “It’s shameful that Chris Collins won’t give voters the respect they deserve.”

Failing to come to debates and hiding from voters — even high school kids — is the wrong way to run for office, and we deserve better. He can’t answer for the accusations against him or his lies about me, and folks are disappointed in him. I’m ready to get to Congress and give people the engaged leadership we deserve.”