City leaders putting the brakes on predatory booting

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — It’ll now be cheaper to get a boot removed from your car in the city of Buffalo. City leaders just passed legislation which would give a flat fee for boot removal.

City leaders say there was no regulation when it came to what they call “predatory booting practices” in Buffalo. They say different people would end up paying a different price for the same job — to get a boot removed from their car.

The Common Council passed legislation Tuesday which says it’ll now be a $75 boot removal fee. It also lays out rules saying tow companies must have a license to boot a car. Those companies can now only charge for one booting device even if they use more than one.

This comes after the Council says it heard several complaints from people who were charged hundreds of dollars for boot removal. Companies must now also keep a records of booting services and issue receipts for services.

“This significantly changes the game for the consumer and for the business but especially for the consumers and people coming to our city and people who live in our city who have experienced where one person got a boot and it cost $150, another person gets a boot and it’s $300. There needed to be regulation,” said Common Council president Darius Pridgen.

This legislation also says that if a car is in a parking lot and gets booted, a person will also be charged the day rate for that particular parking lot, which will add to the $75 removal fee. The boot must now come off or the car must be removed within 24 hours.

Pridgen says he has asked Mayor Brown to sign this legislation Tuesday so it can go into effect immediately.

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