Buffalo officials want to turn school zone speed cameras on in February

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Officials are getting closer and closer to turning on the speed cameras they’ve set up in front of several schools in the City of Buffalo.

Kevin Helfer, parking commissioner for the city, says it’s his goal to have those cameras go live on February 1st.

“We always set goals. Sometimes you’re able to go faster than you hope. Sometimes it’s slow,” Helfer said.

Earlier this year, state lawmakers authorized the city to install 20 speed cameras throughout the city. Helfer said 14 of the 20 are already up, and being tested out. The state requires a 30 day “warning period” before notice of violations can be sent out to speeders. Helfer said his goal is to start the warning period on January 2nd.

“For the month of January, it’ll be the 30 day period,” Helfer said. “If they’re speeding, they will get a notice of violation in the mail, but it will say ‘warning’ on it. Then the 30 day period, once it’s over, the cameras are truly live and it will be a notice of violation.”

That violation can be appealed, but if you have to pay it, it will cost $50. Helfer said the city nets $36 of that.

The cameras will take your picture if you are travelling 26 miles per hour or faster in a 15 mile per hour zone.

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