Civic leader pays out of pocket for motivational billboards

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Eva M. Doyle has been retired from Buffalo Public Schools for 15 years, but she is still teaching important lessons to Western New Yorkers–young and old–about their collective past.

Doyle’s latest lesson is posted on two billboards—on Michigan Avenue in the heart of Buffalo’s African American Heritage Corridor, the other on Niagara Street, on the lower West Side—bearing an identical message, “Respect Their Memory, Stop the Violence.”

The billboards bear the images of four civil rights legends:  Malcolm X; investigative journalist Ida B. Wells; Harriet Tubman, who helped escaped slaves flee the South by the Underground Railroad, and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr.

How do you respect those legends? Doyle believes it is by stopping the violence, which seems to be spreading, most notably a violent incident in Allentown over the weekend that led authorities to Cheektowaga.

“There is a cloud, I feel, over the city of Buffalo with this constant violence, this shooting,” the Buffalo grandmother said. “Every time you look at the news somebody is getting shot.”

Being an eternal optimist, the Buffalo grandmother, journalist, and community activist is dedicated to working for a brighter day.

“We can and we must do better. That is my main goal, is to get everybody involved in this throughout Western New York.”

Doyle is also planning two other billboards, and said none of this would be possible if not for the cooperation of Lamar Advertising’s billing department—Lamar owns the billboards.

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