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CLARENCE, N.Y. (WIVB)–When the pandemic hit last year Vanessa Snowden, a mother of two, started using her free time to create masks. She sold them on an Etsy account as they grew in popularity amongst her friends and family. But there was one issue she just couldn’t seem to get past.

“I literally went to the grocery store one time, the first time I went, and my glasses were completely foggy and I was like, ‘I just cannot deal with this.’ with covid, there was enough to deal with.”

Snowden bought some products online, mainly sprays, that advertised themselves as ways to keep her glasses de-fogged. But she didn’t love them because none of them addressed the root of the issue.

“The reason your glasses fog is because you have air, your breath escaping from the top of your mask, and I was like, ‘why isn’t there a solution that addresses that problem.”

So, to clear things up, she created a product herself. After shopping around manufacturers and trying out multiple different products for months, she landed on this silicone strip.

You put the strip on the top of your mask and it acts as a seal and sticks to your face. Snowden says it’s a lot less sticky than a bandaid and doesn’t hurt to take off.

“You put it on and you’re like, ‘I have this on,’ but the next minute you forget it’s even on.”
Each strip can be used 10-to-12 times before the stickiness wears off and it needs to be replaced.

“And if you have a mild detergent, in our family, we’ve been able to put it through the wash once or twice before we need to replace it.”

The strips are sold online. A five-pack will cost you 9.99. You can also buy a 10-pack or a 20-pack. And the Foggoz strips have become so popular, they’re now sold out. But Snowden says, you can pre-order the next shipment, which should arrive in the next month.

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