Camp Day is Tim Hortons biggest annual fundraiser of the year.

Whether you drink it hot or iced, 100 percent of your coffee order will help send kids to camp, that wouldn’t be able to go otherwise. “We really made a difference in a lot of kid’s lives,” said District Manager, Rich Sabin. 

And If you aren’t a coffee drinker you can still help the cause. By donating two dollars you get a camp day bracelet. “You can give to your kids, wear around the office,” said Sabin. “Just a nice reminder that you donated to a good cause.” You can also donate online here.

Last year Camp Day raised more than $13 Million dollars for Tim Hortons Foundation Camps. Over the past four decades, the Camp Day has helped hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged children. Tim Hortons on Niagara Falls Blvd, in Niagara Falls will be sending 17 kids to camp, alone.

“These camps are not just about having fun, they teach them a lot of life lessons,” said Sabin.  “Like leadership skills, things they don’t experience on an every day basis and they can use them to further better themselves in life,” he said. 

Those involved say the team building events and fun activities like rock climbing at camp, help kids to grow and create life long memories. “For these kids to really experience things me and you take for granted everyday, is really eye opening,” said Sabin.  “It’s really nice that you can make a little difference in somebody’s life.”