BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)- The Buffalo Common Council agreed Tuesday to put Dr. Jay Supnick on a 30-day notice, moving one step closer to cutting ties with him.

Dr. Supnick is a city paid psychologist who evaluates applicants for the Buffalo Police Department and the Buffalo Fire Department.

Supnick was accused recently of racial bias and inappropriate questions during the psychological portion of the examination.

“I’ve had several dozen candidates approach me about the inappropriate line of questioning,” said Council member Chris Scanlon.

Scanlon told News 4 some applicants said Dr. Supnick asked them about their sex lives, and express disapproval if they have children out of wedlock. The applicants claimed they missed out on an opportunity to join the force due to failing the psychological portion of the exam.

Council President Darius Pridgen said Tuesday it’s a time for a change, and would like to re-evaluate the entire psychological examination process.

Pridgen noted that while at the first the complainants appeared to be mostly African American, there have now been complaints from applicants of many races.

City spokesperson, Michael DeGeorge issued to the following statement“With new leadership in place the mayor has already directed the new fire commissioner and the interim police commissioner to review all aspects of the hiring process for fire and police with the commissioner of human resources. Any and all changes to the process will be implemented before the next class of police & fire.”

News 4 reached out to Dr. Supnick, who did not return our requests for comment.

Scanlon said the city will likely put out an RFP to have the position filled.