Dent Neurologic Institute readies new “Mend” store for CBD products

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A new store selling CBD products is backed by Dent Neurologic Institute.

It opens inside the Dent Tower in a few weeks.

There’s a big market for CBD now, and you’ve likely seen a shop open near you that promotes that is selling CBD oil, lotion, or gummies, but Dent’s new store – called “Mend” – is different.

At Dent Institute, the people behind Mend hope to set a higher standard by selling physician-formulated products.

Many people in search of pain relief look to Dr. Laszlo Mechtler, Dent Institute’s medical director and director of the cannabis clinic. He admits he used to be skeptical of medical marijuana and CBD.

“I’m a very strong believer in CBD. It took me about four or five years to find out what dosages work in what patients. The dosage is not the only thing that’s important…The purity of CBD,” Mechtler said.

Purity is an important selling point of Mend.

Jushi, Inc. is manufacturing the Mend products, and company president Steven Przybyla says people who buy from retail stores might be getting ripped off. He encourages consumers to do their research and look for lab testing.

“Most products on the shelves might just be vegetable oil with a sprinkle of hemp extract. You want a product that’s standardized for CBD content. We look at the lab tests for heavy metals and toxins,” Przybyla said.

Dr. Mechtler helped develop Mend to benefit his patients. He says CBD use has shown excellent results in patients who have chronic pain and chronic inflammation as well as sleep trouble.

He says Mend, with Dent’s support behind it, will help the credibility of CBD.

“I think physician formulated means that it’s under our supervision, and going forward, we’ll continue to modify these products,” Mechtler said.

CBD is a non-psychoactive product derived from hemp or cannabis. It’s different from marijuana, which has more of the psycho-active ingredient, THC.

Medical marijuana is very regulated, and right now, CBD is not. Some lawmakers want to change that.

“We do know that there’s a bill in the NYS Assembly that’s looking at hemp and the control of hemp. We’re very comfortable with that bill because we are pro-regulation,” said Przybyla. “We believe in top-quality, highly compliant products. We are not fly-by-night. We track everything, we third-party test everything, so we are pro-regulation.”

Dent CEO Joseph Fritz says products like Mend with Dent’s reputation behind them is good for the public’s trust in what they’re selling.

“By making sure that the product is as it needs to be for our patients and readily available in our institution, we think that it provides a real important value,” Fritz said.

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