Derby residents bail and ask when will the water leaks end?


As water went gushing into the streets in Derby, Tuesday, homeowners felt water-logged from the leaking pipes, and soaked by their high water bills.

Audrey Knab of Schuyler Drive said the gusher at the corner of Lake Shore Road and Wellington Drive is just the latest busted water main they have had to endure.

“Looking out the front window, the road was just a total river, going straight down, heading up towards Route 5.  It was all the way from one side of the road to the other side of the road.”

A repair crew from the Erie County Water Authority had to dig down about 6 feet to get to the busted main, but not before the leak flooded the neghborhood.

Knab’s neighbor Nora Bouvier said, the aging water lines have been a problem for years, and seem to be getting worse.

“There has always been a lot of water main breaks out this way. Our infrastructure–our water lines–are very, very old.”

But there is only so much the Erie County Water Authority can do to stem the flood of leaking mains in Derby, a hamlet within the Town of Evans.

Town officials turned maintenance and operation of Evans’ water department over to the ECWA in 2013, but the town is still contractually responsible for replacement and improvements of its water system.

The water authority said under the arrangement, the Town of Evans is a “Lease Managed customer of ECWA.” 

State and local officials said the Town of Evans’ water issues are symptomatic of aging antiquated infrastructure in Erie County, New York, and across the U-S. Evans just seems to be worse.

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