Developer: Artist community planned for silo city area

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Generation Development Group is partnering with silo owner Rick Smith on a project that aims to boost the local artistic community.

Several ideas for re-purposing the warehouses and silos include the possibility of creating gallery spaces, studios and affordable housing areas where artists can live.

“We’re looking to utilize the warehouses as residential and amenity spaces and potentially even creating gallery spaces, said Marvin Wilmoth, he and Anthony Ceroy from Generation Development Group are working on the project.

Local digital artist Rachel Temple says this can help centralize artists in the region.

“As soon as you have an area where people have a collective of artists, then you have that one region that people can say, yeah definitely, these people, we can go to these people and if you need different artists, you have a whole range, Temple said.

One of the first hurdles for the project includes a change of zoning. Right now, the area is zoned industrial, they’re looking to change it to mixed use.

The project went before the city’s zoning board this week, but it was tabled. The developer says they plan to submit the project again to the zoning board in a couple of weeks.

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